Having a personal relationship with Jesus is possible even at a young age. One of the next steps after receiving Jesus as your Savior is water baptism.

We do not advise any children being baptized without fully understanding the purpose of water baptism. Baptism is a symbol which shows that one first has a relationship with Jesus and wants to publicly identify with Him.

The old self is washed away and the new life is raised. In other words, the substance of a relationship with Jesus is expressed through the symbol of baptism.

Getting saved and then baptized doesn’t mean your life will be perfect. There will be times when you will sin and make wrong choices. When this happens, pray and ask Jesus to forgive you. Jesus took the punishment for all our sin. That means even though you will sin again, you don’t need to be saved or baptized again. (1 Peter 3:18)

Questions you can ask your child in order to see where they are:

  1. When and where did you give your life to Jesus? (your child should have a general idea of when this happened)

  2. What does baptism mean? (To tell others about your relationship with Jesus! It shows that the old you has been washed away and the new you has been raised to life!)

  3. Why do you want to get baptized? (Because even though I am not perfect, I am choosing to follow Jesus. He was baptized and wants us to!)


  • Facilitate the conversation, but don’t dominate it. Kids are naturally curious. Commit to answering every question, no matter how silly, and let you child ask lots of questions:)

  • Walking with Jesus is not a sprint. It's possible your child might not be ready. And that’s totally OK! It's always better to wait than to pressure children to take a step they don't understand.

As parents, we often want to make things happen for our kids. Our hearts are in the right place but baptism is about their faith, not ours. What we choose and they do might last for a while, but what they choose and they do will last forever.


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